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Now & Then: A look back through Anglia's aquatic archive

If you think Drought, flooding, our wildlife under threat were modern problems... think again!

Ever since Anglia first went on air nearly 60 years ago we've been making programmes and news about the wonderful waterways. Programmes about their beauty and opportunities they offer and the threats facing them.

Well our presenter Jonathan Wills has been delving into our archives and has looked at some of the issues we've featured over the years and brought the stories right up to date in a series we're calling 'Now and Then'. Along with the reports you'll be able to see the original programmes as well.'

Jonathan sets sail on an exploration of the Anglia archives

He starts our series with a trip along the Broads and gives a few more details as to what you can expect to see this summer.

Next week we'll be looking at the clash between man and nature as we head back to one particular Suffolk wetland that was threatened with extinction more than 25 years ago.

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