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Police issue warning about 'sextortion' emails

Police have issued a warning about an email scam Credit: ITV News

Police in Essex and Suffolk have issued warnings about a sophisticated 'sextortion' email scam.

The scammers first accused their victims of accessing adult websites. They then claimed to have downloaded their personal contacts, accessed their computers and filmed explicit videos on the victims own webcams.

They claimed if the victims didn't pay a Bitcoin ransom they would release the material to their friends and families.

People in Essex and Suffolk have been targeted Credit: ITV News

Police say say six people in the two counties have been targeted since July 10.

According to police the emails are different to common phishing emails as they contain a lot of detail and contain an example of a password used by the victim.

Police say anyone receiving a suspicious message should not reply or pay the ransom and should change all their passwords.

“They appear to be specifically targeting men on the hunch they may have accessed adult sites in the past before claiming they have previously been filmed through their own devices.

“We are urging people not to be pressured into making a payment but to protect yourself and call police.”

– DC Steve Mersh, Essex’s Cyber Crime Unit