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For sale: One million football programmes

Think of any club or nation from around the world and chances are there'll be at least one devoted to them.

What started off as a hobby for Steve Earl from Bungay in Suffolk has dominated his life for nearly 50 years.

He has around a million football match programmes housed in a Victorian building

I think the first programme was one of the Norwich games I went to in the early seventies. There were a few lads and we decided to produce a 'Programme Club' between ourselves. So we looked around to other clubs for programmes, Everton was one which sent us one free, and so that's how it all started off.

– Steve Earl
For sale: One million football programmes. Credit: ITV Anglia

The building where Steve keeps his collection used to be a shoe factory.

It's sixty feet by fifty feet on two floors, more or less choc-a-bloc now. And I acquired it in 1984.

They all have to be on shelves in alphabetical and season-by-season order. Or else if they're not, you wouldn't know where everything was.

– Steve Earl
Steve's business is housed in a Victorian building. Credit: ITV Anglia

Having been in the business for so long, Steve knows which items are mostly sought after and what punters are prepared to pay more for.

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It always used to be the FA Cup finals. But now it's the Champions League as well as the FA Cup Finals.

But if you get someone who supports one particular club, they'll go through all the programmes you've got and then go through all the aways as well, to fill up their collection.

– Steve Earl
Steve shows his collection to Sports Correspondent Donovan Blake. Credit: ITV Anglia

With his son and daughter passing up the chance to take over his hoard, Steve has put the business up for sale.

Fleetwood and Blackpool last year reduced their programmes in size and price, and I think a lot more clubs will go down that line.

In Scotland they've had that choice a long, long time now, and most of the clubs, apart from a handful, do still produce programmes.

– Steve Earl