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Luton man jailed for eBay fraud

A man who sold fake goods on the internet auction site eBay has been jailed for 20 months at Luton Crown Court

Rohith Sharma, 35, of Warden Hill Close, Luton, admitted charges relating to trade marks, fraudulent trading and money laundering.

He also admitted selling counterfeit t-shirt and trainers on eBay over a period of around 3 years.

Luton Crown Court Credit: PA Wire

He was taken to court after an investigation by Luton Council’s Trading Standards team.

His home was raised after complaints from a disgruntled customer. Trading Standards officers seized a large quantity of clothing, along with computers, mobile devices and memory sticks.

Trading Standards estimate that Sharma had a turnover of around £52,000 from his activities.

Luton man jailed for eBay fraud Credit: PA Wire

Sharma had more than 100 eBay accounts, many of which had been used for selling fake clothing, and multiple Paypal and bank accounts. Furthermore, the eBay accounts were in false names and addresses.

“This case again demonstrates that Luton Council’s Trading Standards team will pursue fraudulent businesses and bring those responsible to court. The seriousness of these offences is reflected by the sentence handed down, and we hope that others tempted to engage in criminal activity will think again in light of this case.”

– Cllr Aslam Khan

Luton Council will now be taking action under the Proceeds of Crime Act to seek forfeiture of the money made by Mr Sharma.