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A disabled dog with his own wheelchair is hero of new book

Hector's adventures are told in new book Photo: ITV Anglia

The adventures of a bold beagle called Hector have been turned into a book. It tells of his many real-life adventures in his wheelchair. Natalie Gray went to Hector's house in Norwich to meet him .

At 12 weeks old the disabled puppy was rescued by the Haddon family who spent £600 buying him his own bespoke wheelchair.

"Hector has only got three working legs and once he was fully grown, beagles are quite hefty dogs and we couldn't carry him any longer and eventually after a lot of Googling and a lot of experimentation we finally found a specialist wheelchair company in America ."

– Victoria Haddon, Hector's owner
The book about Hector and his adventures Credit: ITV Anglia

The book came about because Hector had become a bit of a local celebrity and also kept getting into scrapes with his pal Reggy like being rescued from lakes and even railway lines.

"And that's included many dog walkers in Norwich who've walked into rivers to help save Hector."

– Victoria Haddon

Every story in the book is a real one ... and The Beagle Welfare Trust profits from sales.