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Ryanair cancellations cause travel chaos at Stansted Airport

Passengers at Stansted Airport are experiencing yet more delays this morning Credit: ITV Anglia

Passengers at Stansted Airport have faced yet more disruption this morning. Some have complained that it's taken them hours to just to check in.

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It comes after Ryanair cancelled several flights yesterday due to the threat of thunderstorms. The airport says the queues have now died down.

Ryanair had a number of passengers from cancelled flights choosing to remain in the terminal and queue to be re-booked or speak to a member of staff – they were advised to do this online but decided to stay.

For a period of time this morning this impacted on the number of Ryanair desks that were available for check-in, resulting in a larger queue than would be normal as those passengers had to avoid the zone being used for the cancelled flight passengers.

The queue for Ryanair check-in died away very quickly. There wasn’t any general disruption to the airport operation with security flows as expected – 13,500 passengers passed through security before 7am.

– Stansted Airport

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One passenger said that the queues meant that she had missed her flight.

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