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Tim Peake visits Peterborough Cathedral

Tim Peake visits Peterborough Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

Astronaut Tim Peake has been visiting Peterborough Cathedral for the opening of an exhibition featuring the Soyuz capsule that took him into space and back.

He's been talking to ITV News Anglia about the experience.

The virtual reality experience Credit: ITV Anglia

People visiting the exhibition also have the chance to experience a virtual reality ride of the re-entry.

They can also see the scorched-marked capsule and its 25-meter parachute.

"Then the atmosphere is like a huge brake for us, the heat shield at the bottom slams into the atmosphere and it slows down from 25 times the speed of sound to just over one times the speed of sound."

"Then our parachute can open and finish the job."

– Tim Peake
Tim Peake visits Peterborough Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

The cathedral won the opportunity to host the exhibition.

"It gives you a real idea of the scale of the entire spacecraft and parachute, so it's a magnificent building as well, 900 year old Peterborough Cathedral, a stunning location for the spacecraft to be displayed in."

– Tim Peake

Tim and his colleagues spent six months away from Earth.

"My perspective has certainly changed. I don't think anyone going to space can go without seeing the beauty of Earth, the fragility of our atmosphere and without having a complete change of perspective.

"I love the contrast here between past and present and, of course, both of these were at the pinnacle of human ingenuity and the cutting edge of technology of their time."

– Tim Peake
Tim Peake visits Peterborough Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

Our reporter Claire McGlasson asked Tim what the best thing was about returning to Earth.

"The smells of Earth were wonderful, one of the things I missed the most, other than friends and family, was the fresh air.

"I didn't feel claustrophobic or cooped up inside the space station but I really wanted a change of atmosphere- quite literally. I wanted a change in temperature, a change of weather and to feel the fresh air."

– Tim Peake

The exhibition continues until the 5th of November