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Couple 'shell-shocked' after tortoise found in pipe

Herman had been missing for 28 days Credit: RSPCA

A Cambridge tortoise was rescued from an underground pipe after being missing for 28 days.

Herman vanished from his owners Matt Gilbert and Lindsay Ward's garden on July 6.

The couple searched for the tortoise to no avail. But, on August 2 Lindsay heard scratching noises coming from a pipe in their garden.

RSPCA inspector Richard Lythgoe Credit: RSPCA

On the hottest day of the year, in 33 degree heat, Matt spent six hours digging up the pipe.

After digging three meters down and three across Matt was still unable to reach Herman.

He called the RSPCA and inspector Richard Lythgoe arrived to help with the rescue effort.

Herman was rescued after six hours of digging Credit: RSPCA

They eventually reached the two-year-old Hermann’s tortoise who was unscathed.

“It really is a miracle he was rescued.

"We have no idea where that pipe leads too, and I am just so curious as to what on earth Herman has been up to for the last 28 days - what a tortoise he is, a definite survivor!

– Lindsay Ward, Herman's owner