1. ITV Report

Anglia weather: Dry but cloudy

Photo: Joanne Joyce

Today: Mainly dry but on the cloudy side at times. Developing sunny spells may help spark the odd shower later. With light winds expected throughout it will feel very warm and humid, although temperatures perhaps a little lower than Sunday's. Maximum temperature 26 deg C (79 deg F).

Tonight: Isolated light showers will gradually die away, with most staying dry throughout. Remaining rather cloudy and close, with temperatures well into the teens degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature 17 deg C (63 deg F).

Tuesday: Very warm, with light winds and sunny spells contributing to a continuing humid feel. Mainly dry, but with the odd fleeting light shower possible in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 27 deg C (81 deg F).

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Fine and very warm on Wednesday, before rain makes erratic progress southeast early Thursday. This should introduce much fresher, breezier conditions, with sunny spells and showers later and into Friday.