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Silverstone bosses apologise after rain cancels British MotoGP

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Bosses at the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire have apologised after the Moto GP was cancelled due to heavy rain.

Race organisers had brought the start time forward from 1pm to 11.30am in a bid to beat the forecast rain, but heavy downpours continued throughout the day.

Following a meeting between officials and MotoGP riders, the decision was made just after 4pm to call off the race due to the track conditions being deemed to be too unsafe.

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The cancellation meant there was disappointment for the thousands of fans who had flocked to the circuit to watch the race.

MotoGP have also confirmed that there was "no option" to hold it on Monday instead.

Silverstone's managing director Stuart Pringle made a personal apology, in an online post.

Silverstone's managing director Stuart Pringle posted an apology online Credit: Silverstone/Facebook

I'm so sorry, it's absolutely not what we had planned, we made some had to make some difficult decisions over the course of the day

We genuinely thought there was going to be an opportunity to put on not just MotoGP, but the whole 3 race program.

I'm really sorry that we kept you out in the weather conditions for so long - I know many of you are thinking about the money that you spent on these tickets, I will be contacting all of you this week to explain what we're going to do.

I hope you all got home safely thank you for your forbearance and your support of the championship we have to have you back here MotoGP again thank you.

– Stuart Pringle, Managing Director of Silverstone
Credit: PA

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