Feet of engineering: Cambridge grad runs Boston Marathon in hi-tech flip flops

A delighted Chris celebrates finishing the Boston Marathon Credit: Chris Bellamy

When it comes to running a marathon, most athletes choose trainers with cushioned soles, lightweight materials and plenty of support.

Chris Bellamy is not most athletes.

The Cambridge engineering graduate chose to run the Boston Marathon in flip flops. Not just any flip flops though, these were sandals he designed and made himself.

Chris running the Boston Marathon in his flip flops.

He's now the Lead Engineer at Wiivv Wearables in Canada looking after product engineering. Over the last year he has developed the custom-fit sandal for the firm. He decided to run the race as a test for his new product.

And it proved to be pretty successful - he completed the course in 2:59:36, despite the worst weather in Boston Marathon history - but he only has himself to blame for the effort.

He added that as product tests go, this one definitely achieved a passing grade!

Chris studied on the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos at the Institute for Manufacturing in Cambridge, part of the Department of Engineering.