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Vicar with 'no congregation' excited for residents to move into Wellingborough housing development

A new housing development in Northamptonshire may not have any residents - but it has already got a dedicated vicar.

The Reverend Catherine Lomas was appointed to the new Stanton Cross housing development just outside Wellingborough, but as yet no residents have moved in.

At the moment, The Reverend can only watch on as the houses for her new congregation are constructed.

The project will see 3,500 new homes built alongside three schools by the time it's finished in 2031.

"It's been really strange being vicar for a place that's got no residents because it's I have a pastoral responsibility for a fleet of excavators and fork-lifts," The Reverend Catherine Lomas said.

"But, actually, it's been great in the last few months. I've been able to get on site and see the transformation."