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Vote of no-confidence in Luton South MP

A vote of no-confidence in Luton South MP Gavin Shuker has been passed by local members of the Labour Party.

Mr Shuker insists he hasn't changed but Labour has. He says some MPs are at 'breaking point' about the direction of the party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Gavin Shuker MP Credit: ITV Anglia

Mr Shuker tweeted a message to his constituents:

Emma Hutchinson spoke to Gavin Shuker for Anglia Late Edition:

For you as a Labour MP how difficult is it to remain on the Labour benches?

Well it’s a terrible own goal this IHRA definition stuff, it clearly should have been shut down much earlier and listening to the Jewish community would have allowed us to do so, it tells you something of the Instincts of the Labour leadership though, their instinct actually is to pick a fight where one is not necessarily needed and also finds itself in a position where we not a broad church but a very narrow personality cult that puts a lot of Labour MPs in a very difficult position because we believe in a broad church Labour party with space for everyone including those MPs as well

– Gavin Shuker

Does that leave MPs like you and others to think we should resign the whip like Frank Field?

Well I've seen colleagues leave the Labour Party over this summer, particularly over the anti-semitism row, but of course the issues are much wider than that, it's about what kind of Labour Party we're going to continue to be and what kind of government we could continue to be, that means that there are number of Labour MPs that I believe are at breaking point and the next few months will be critical in determining whether the leadership wants to force that centre-left tradition out of the party or reach accommodation with it

– Gavin Shuker

And for you that must be a massive decision?

Well of course it is a hugely emotional decision what to do now in the Labour Party that's fundamentally changed around many of the MPs. I think you have to do what's right and in the national interest here and as I say there are a number of Labour MPs that really are pushing up against breaking point, the anti-semitism rows, the national security stuff and now the potential for the Labour Party democracy to change around us means that there's some tough decisions coming up for the Labour Party and for individual MPs

– Gavin Shuker

Is the conference going to be the flashpoint?

Well it’s clear the Labour party is now Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party there's no challenge to that in any meaningful sense and therefore he will get through the kind of Labour Party he wants, the rule changes he wants, through Labour Party Conference, that's a challenge actually back to the leadership to ask whether they're creating a broad and inclusive Labour party or an increasingly narrow one. If it's the latter then I think those events will build in from the events of the summer and anti-semitism, the events of the spring around national security, as well and could cause many Labour MPs have to make a very difficult decision

– Gavin Shuker

Do you see that happening before Christmas?

It's very hard to say how the next few months are going to play out, not just for the Labour party, but in British politics. Already a good friend of mine said we recently were entering the kinetic stage of the car crash I suspect there's some truth in that and therefore anyone that says they know what's going to happen the next few months is probably using the crystal ball a little bit too accurately

– Gavin Shuker