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New politics 'festival' underway in Cambridge

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A new festival in being held in Cambridge this weekend organised by Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman.

'The Big Tent Ideas Festival' aims to get people taking about issues dividing the country.

It features speakers from a number of different parties. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The Brexit civil war that's depressing everybody in this country, even the people who argued for Brexit. So we've set up the Big Tent Ideas festival.

Non-party, we had Nick Cleg, Harriet Harman, Michael Gove here yesterday, speakers from across the spectrum coming together to debate in a festival atmosphere with a laugh, with soapboxes, with speakers corner debating all the big issues that are not being talked about through Brexit.

– George Freeman MP, Conservative

They are planning on taking the Big Tent Festival around the country and bringing ideas back to Westminster.