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Rare archeological finds to go on display in Kettering.

Three rare and historic archeological finds are set to go on display in Kettering.

They'll be on show soon at the Manor House Museum alongside 100 other items thanks to a 20 thousand pound grant.

Rare and historic archeological finds to go on display in Kettering.

The items are:

  • The Desborough necklace: a stunning Anglo-Saxon gold necklace that was found in 1876 in a graveyard by workmen who originally broke it into six pieces to share amongst themselves before being persuaded to hand them over in return for a small reward
  • The Desborough mirror: one of the finest examples of Celtic art. The mirror would have been a powerful object in a world where reflections could only be glimpsed in water, and there is conjecture as to who the owner may have been
  • The Kettering hockey player: a unique and intriguing depiction of a Roman sportsman. Is the figure playing a form of hockey and, if so, then why are there three balls?

The mirror and necklace are usually on permanent display at the British Museum

The exhibition will open on Saturday 22nd September