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National prison protest over HMP Bedford conditions

HMP Bedford Credit: ITV Anglia

Prison staff across England and Wales have begun protest action after a report warned of a "dangerous lack of control" at HMP Bedford.

Members of the POA trade union were called to demonstrate outside prisons from 7am.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons raised alarm over the potential for a "complete breakdown" in order and discipline at the Bedfordshire prison.

HMP Bedford Credit: ITV News

The report warned inmates have effectively taken control at the violent, overcrowded jail.

It also said conditions at the prison were awful with rat and cockroach infestations and high levels of drug abuse.

"I'm fed up of hearing of my members receiving smashed eye sockets, broken arms, broken legs, broken jaws, being attacked, spat on, having excrement and urine thrown at them, and enough is enough now."

– Steve Gillan, POA General Secretary