1. ITV Report

Anglia Weather: Mainly fine with sunny spells

Today: Cool at first, but with a fine day expected, with plenty of warm sunny spells developing and a little fair-weather cloud. Feeling warmer than Friday, helped by light winds throughout. Maximum temperature 20 deg C (68 deg F).

Tonight: Staying fine during the evening, with all areas staying dry overnight. Milder than recent nights, with a developing breeze helping to keep temperatures up. Minimum temperature 12 deg C (54 deg F).

Sunday: Another fine day, with plenty of warm sunny spells. Perhaps becoming more generally cloudy later in the day, although it should stay dry. Maximum temperature 22 deg C (72 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Damp to start Monday, but brighter and warmer later. Becoming generally windy, with coastal gales and some rain, probably peaking overnight. Conditions soon improving: bright and breezy towards midweek.

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