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Lib Dem leader says Anglia region is changing its mind over Brexit

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable delivers his keynote speech at the party conference in Brighton. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/PA Images

The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has told ITV News Anglia that more and more people in the Anglia region are changing their mind about Brexit.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson he said: "Quite a lot of people are changing their mind. We are the only party arguing to remain and for a People's Vote on the subject."

Sir Vince has closed his party's annual conference in Brighton by rounding on hardline Brexiteers and saying they got an "erotic spasm" from the thought of breaking with Brussels, whatever the cost to the economy.

Unfortunately he fluffed the key line in the speech grimacing as he stumbled over the phrase and said "exotic sprezzum" instead.

In his interview with ITV News Anglia he also had advice for the Liberal Democrats only MP in the Anglia region - Norman Lamb in North Norfolk.

Mr Lamb says he would support a People's Vote but would not vote against a Brexit deal in Parliament.

Sir Vince said: "Norman is a terrific MP and a really great colleague. He has represented a really leave constituency. He will make up his mind as the time comes. Our party as a party is very solidly for a People's Vote and I would hope we would come round to that view."

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable arrives to deliver his keynote speech at the party conference in Brighton. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/PA Images

The Lib Dem leader said local councils like Northamptonshire County Council which find themselves in financial difficulty only had themselves to blame for not charging more council tax.

"Many of them went out of their way to curry favour by holding down their council tax unnecessarily when they desperately needed the revenue.

"Council tax is unpopular, it needed to be reformed, but they could have taken advantage of the situation to put their accounts in order.

"Lots of those failing councils have failed to take actions to help themselves."

– Sir Vince Cable