A man who killed a woman by attacking her with a hammer - has been found guilty of murder.

Danny Williams, 27, of Godric Place in Norwich was convicted by a jury of killing Farnaz Ali, 49 and also from Godric Place.

She died after she was subjected to a sustained assault by Williams in his flat on on July 28th last year.

Farnaz Ali: Subjected to a sustained attack

The court heard Farnaz had gone out for a walk around 7pm after complaining about noise coming from Williams’ flat. When she failed to return home from her walk a few hours later, she was reported missing by her partner.

Williams had left the scene and was spending time with friends in Lowestoft. It was during that stay that he confessed to killing Farnaz leaving her body in his bathroom.

Norfolk Police released bodycam footage of the search for Farnaz

The court heard how Williams tried to burn some blood stained items and a piece of carpet, which he had cut from his living room at Godric Place.

Later that evening Williams and two others friends drove to the Denes Oval area of Lowestoft, where he disposed of a hammer. This was later recovered by police and was believed to have been used in the attack on Ms Ali.

At around 2.30pm the following day one of these friends became so concerned he reported what Williams had both said and done to the police.

The call police made to Danny Williams - the call contains some language which viewers might find offensive.

Williams was later arrested and charged with murder.

Speaking after the trial lead investigator Neil Stewart said Farnaz had been the victim of a senseless, brutal act of murder.

"During the trial the court has heard Ms Ali described as a peaceful, caring, and compassionate woman who saw the best in everybody. "We know that on the evening of her murder she spoke with Williams, quite amiably, in the area of the communal bins outside their flats in Godric Place. We know that earlier she had expressed an intention to speak with Williams in order for him to turn his music down. "On reflection there is no doubt in my mind from how she has been described and having just spoken cordially with Williams, that when she approached his flat she did so with no malice or hostility, but on good terms in order to discuss the issue of the noise levels. Only Danny Williams knows what happened next and what drove him to kill Ms. Ali in such a horrific manner.

Neil Stewart, Norfolk Police

He'll be sentenced tomorrow at Norwich Crown Court