1. ITV Report

Anglia weather: cloudy, with rain later, feeling chilly

Credit: Sarah Groves


Starting dry with light winds and some bright or sunny spells. However, cloud will soon increase this morning, with rain arriving this afternoon, probably light and patchy across Norfolk and northern Cambridgeshire, but turning locally heavy elsewhere. Feeling chilly. Maximum temperature 13 deg C (55 deg F).


Rain, locally heavy at first, will move away, leaving cloudy and generally dry conditions. However, some patchy light rain and drizzle is possible, most likely later tonight across southern areas. Minimum temperature 6 deg C (43 deg F).


Heavy rain will soon arrive, reaching most places before clearing away east by mid afternoon. Brighter conditions will follow, along with scattered showers, these especially for Norfolk. Possibly becoming windy. Maximum temperature 13 deg C (55 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Dry, apart for any residual showers early Monday. Light winds and patchy cloud but also sunny spells. Chilly nights with ground frosts, perhaps localised air frosts. Daytime temperatures trending upwards.