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Brain injury centre to be named after Professor Stephen Hawking

Credit: ITV News Anglia

A brain injury centre in Suffolk is set to be named after the famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.

The Stephen Hawking Neuro Centre will be built on the edge of Ipswich, and will include facilities for rehabilitation for those with brain injuries and other neurological conditions.

The new centre, announced by the charity Headway Suffolk, will also include 24 homes where clients can live as independently as they are able.

Professor Hawking at a Headway Suffolk event Credit: ITV News Anglia

Dr. Jane Hawking, the first wife of Professor Hawking, is Headway Suffolk's Patron, and the world-famous scientists's family have given their blessing for the new centre to be given his name.

Professor Hawking, who lived with motor neurone disease for more than 50 years, died in March.

I am sure Stephen would be as delighted as I am that the new hub for Headway Suffolk is to be named the Stephen Hawking building. I am confident that this carefully planned complex will bring much comfort and relief to victims of brain injury and neurological conditions, and to their families."

– Dr Jane Hawking
Professor Hawking died in March this year. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Life after brain injury is difficult for the person and their family. The change of personality and loss of function means many partnerships end. It is usually Headway clients who have to move out of the family home and become homeless, or end up in inappropriate provision such as mental health or older people's services. This leads to depression and prevents rehab. Headway has for some time been looking at how to solve this problem, and now we have a very exciting solution.

– Helen Fairweather, Chief Executive of Headway Suffolk