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What's the buzz? Colony of 60,000 bees found at Cambridge hospital

Video credit: The Tree Bee Society

A colony of 60,000 bees has been carefully removed from a hospital in Cambridge.

Mental health teams at Fulbourn Hospital were shocked to find they had been working within just a few feet of the insects which were discovered under roof panels.

Workers had spotted a few bees going in and out of the roof space of the Beechcroft building.

Specialists from the Tree Bee Society took 12 hours to remove the colony, having found honey oozing from the brickwork and plaster.

The colony found at Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge Credit: The Tree Bee Society

“It was a bit of surprise for the staff to know they were working so close to such a large colony.

“Staff had seen a few of the bees entering the roof space of the porch and, when we removed a couple of the panels, there they all were."

– Abigail Reade, Director, The Tree Bee Society

The insects were not too keen on being moved on from the home they are thought to have lived in for several years.

Despite being dressed in special head-to-toe bee-keeping suits, the team of three was stung several times.

The team from The Tree Bee Society Credit: The Tree Bee Society

“It did take some time to move them from Beechcroft to a special bee hive -which is about 3ft square in size - that we carry with us. “There was one queen bee at the centre of the colony and although we didn’t see her, we knew we’d finally got her when the majority of the bees started to follow her into the hive. “We did get stung a few times and, although we are used to it, it is still very painful. We’ve got full bee-keeping suits on, but a few can still find their way through a gap and sting us."

– Abigail Reade, Director, The Tree Bee Society

The bees were in a part of the hospital not open to patients.

The Tree Bee Society said it was confident the team had got all of them and they had been taken back to its base in Lancashire to live in a field.