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Victim of contaminated blood scandal welcomes start of inquiry

The NHS blood scandal has killed over 2,000 people.

A grandfather from Ipswich who was infected with HIV during the NHS blood scandal is cautiously welcoming the start of the public inquiry today.

Alan Burgess has been campaigning for 30 years to seek justice for fellow victims of the contaminated blood tragedy.

Mr Burgess told ITV News: "What they basically thought is if we hang on long enough they'll be dead. At the end of the day, this won't finish with me dying."

"I want to see justice done I really do and its about time we had justice, it is about time we had the truth.

"It's about time we were treated with the dignity that we should have been treated with all those years, because trust me we've been treated awfully"

– Alan Burgess
Alan Burgess with his daughter, says he wants those responsible held accountable.

In the 1970s and 80s, 4,670 people contracted Hepatitis C and 1,243 people contracted HIV through being given contaminated blood during NHS treatments.

Some of these came from high-risk sources, including prisoners. It's believed around 2,000 people have died while thousands more were left with incurable diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis C.

After pressure from campaign groups, the public inquiry was announced by the Government last year.

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Chris Smith, from Blunham in Bedfordshire, lost his father to Aids.

His dad was being treated for haemophilia at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge when he received contaminated blood.

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"Dad died and at the minute- dad died to the biggest disaster in NHS history but I think the story that's been told is not the correct story.

"We want the real story - all these people that actually died, we want the real story to be told about how they actually died.

– Chris Smith
Chris Smith lost his father to Aids as a result of the scandal. Credit: ITV News Anglia