MP joins PE lesson to find out how children are staying active

With fears that children in our region are less fit and more sluggish than ever before, one school in Hertfordshire is trying to change that.

Schools have been given government funding to keep kids fit and healthy, but there are concerns it's not enough.

As a small village school, Pirton Primary in Hitchin doesn't receive the same amount of funding as larger schools.

But recently, they were awarded government funding for new sports equipment.

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Children enjoying the new action mats Credit: ITV News Anglia

Thanks to government funding, the school has been able to buy 'Action Mats' - a simple piece of technology which can be used in all subjects - not just PE.

Joining in with today's lesson was MP Bim Afolami, who is supporting the campaign to keep kids fit and healthy.

He said: "We all know how important it is. Action Mats gives us that chance to do a fun, quick, workout but at the same time isn't something that is too expensive.

"The government has listened and the sports premium that has come in, this financial year has doubled the amount of money available to all schools for sport.

"This is just one way in which the government is listening to the fact that yes, maths, english, phonics and timetables, they are all really important, but actually fitness, your wellbeing, your health, is the most important thing of all."

Children at Pirton Primary exercise for 30 minutes a week Credit: ITV News Anglia