Norfolk-based Lotus celebrates 70th anniversary

A vintage Lotus on display. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norfolk-based car maker Lotus has celebrated its 70th birthday.

More than 1,000 cars were on display at the company's headquarters in Hethel.

As well as recognising their contribution to motorsport, Lotus has also announced a multi-million pound investment in its future.

A vintage Lotus on display. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Few racing car drivers captured hearts quite like the legendary Jim Clark who won two world championships and 25 Grand Prix races with Lotus.

He was a hero - both on and off the track.

David Kerr, from The Jim Clark Trust, said: "He had a skill and a touch that very few people had."

In 1948 the first Lotus car was made, the iconic Mark 1 - built by Colin Chapman.

Marcus Blake, Commerical Director, Lotus Group, said: "Colin Chapman started this company 70 years ago.

"He bought us up to Hethel in 196. It has been our home ever since and it is going to be our home to stay.

"We are building a new Lotus experience centre here, putting a new museum in and a restaurant in to look after all the new staff that are going to be joining us here."

Lotus has committed its future to Norfolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia