A group of twelve bereaved mums from the same Cambridgeshire town are following in the footsteps of the 'Calendar girls' to raise money for charity.

The 'Strong Soham Mums' who have all lost children, have posed for a new semi-naked calendar which is launched today.

It's to raise money for Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Road Victims Trust.

"They are a fabulous group of ladies. They've all got different stories, we've all lost children and we've met and we're so much help to each other. The goodness we get out of it is fantastic."

Carol Bannon, 'Strong Soham Mums'

The mums wanted to do something to help others, so came up with the idea of the slightly risque, but tasteful charity calendar.

"My son Charlie passed away last year in June and about April this year I thought there must be something we can do that's positive, so I thought we could do a calendar and I thought of all the women I knew in Soham who'd lost a child and I thought we could really do something positive and why don't we do it kind of nearly naked?

Alison Fitt, 'Strong Soham Mums'

The calendars can be ordered through strongsohammums.co.uk

"The grief of losing a child is truly heartbreaking, unbearable and never ending but we have found strength and support in each other. 100% of the proceeds will go to Addenbrooke's Hospital, Children’s Wards and the Road Victims Trust. We have chosen Addenbrooke's Hospital as it is local to us. Road Victims Trust was also chosen as a few of our mums lost their children in road traffic accidents and we all agreed they do amazing work."

Strong Soham Mums