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Sunniest five months in East Anglia since records began

May to September 2018 was the sunniest such period on record in East Anglia. Credit: Richard Carter

The five months from May to September have been the sunniest ever recorded in East Anglia with nearly 30% more sunshine than normal.

According to Met Office data, the region amassed 1,199 hours of sunshine from the beginning of May until the end of September. On average, during that period the region would expect 930 hours of sunshine.

The extra 269 hours of sunshine represent 29% more sunshine than normal.

It is the most sunshine in May to September since Met Office regional records started in 1929. It beat the previous record of 1,188 hours set in 1989

Hours of sunshine in East Anglia in May-Sept 2018
Normal sunshine total in May-Sept in East Anglia
There was nearly 30% more sunshine in East Anglia between May and September 2018 than normal. Credit: Joanne Joyce

The famously hot and sunny summer of 1976 saw 1,130 hours of sunshine in East Anglia during the same five months.

Sunshine totals in East Anglia

  • May had 268 hours of sunshine and was the second sunniest May of record after 1989
  • June had 249 hours of sunshine which was 31% more than normal
  • July had 292 hours of sunshine and was the sunniest July on record
  • August had 208 hours of sunshine which was 7% above normal
  • September had 182 hours of sunshine and was the eighth sunniest on record

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