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Lifelike moon installed in Peterborough Cathedral

As evenings get darker earlier and skies remain clear, it's much easier for us to see the moon. For those wanting a closer look at the satellite, Peterborough Cathedral has placed a replica within the building.

Woman poses with moon installation in Peterborough Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

The artwork, named Museum of the Moon, was made by Bristol-based artist Luke Jerrams. It's been created from thousands of NASA images of the moon's surface and measures 23 feet across.

Peterborough charity Vivacity was responsible for bringing the installation to the cathedral.

"The moon itself, I suppose, represents lift off for arts and culture here in Peterborough, because its the culmination of a whole range of activities that we've managed to bring to Peterborough in partnership with the cathedral and with Peterborough City Council"

– Stewart Francis, Vivacity Chairman
Museum of the Moon in Peterborough Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

The cathedral say the entire space exhibition is helping to prompt questions about our place in the universe.