Reopening of Wisbech railway line 'closer than ever'

Campaigners say they're closer than ever to getting the old line between Wisbech and March reopened. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Fenland rail link could be reinstated - 50 years after passenger trains last ran on it.

Campaigners have been pressing for the line between Wisbech and March to be reopened for the last five years.

But now they think a reopening is closer than ever, with Network Rail carrying out a serious assessment of the options.

Evidence of the old Bramley Line can be seen right along the seven-mile route between Wisbech and March.

The long stretches of track still visible would have to be replaced to restore the rail link.

Passenger services ended on the line in 1969 although freight was still brought along it until 2000.

It's still under the control of Network Rail and is classed as being mothballed.

The line is currently classed as mothballed by Network Rail. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Network Rail is now assessing at the feasibility of opening the line - looking at potential options and the cost.