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Women who was subjected to 'week of terror’ by ex-boyfriend speaks out about stalking ordeal

A woman who was subjected to a week of terror by a jealous and violent ex boyfriend has spoken out to warn others.

Hayden Gavaghan, from Peterborough, stalked and harassed his former partner Melissa in a campaign of intimidation.

At one point, he followed her everywhere that she went for eight days, and the ordeal only ended when he stabbed himself in the chest outside her home.

He was jailed for three years after admitting stalking and possession of a knife.

Melissa and Gavaghan were together for around a year, and for much of that time, they were a happy couple.

However, their relationship ended when Gavaghan started to become more controlling and violent and he was given a year-long restraining order by the courts in May 2017.

Hayden Gavaghan was jailed for three years. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Things came to a head when Gavaghan plunged a knife into his own chest in front of Melissa.

In an interview with ITV News Anglia, Melissa, who didn't want to be identified, spoke in depth about the hell that Gavaghan put her through following the break-up of their relationship:

"The worst day was the last day. I called my neighbour and said: 'He's following me home, please can you stand outside my house. I'm really scared.'

"I pulled up to the house. He kept asking to come into the house and said he couldn't live this life without me.

"I said to him: 'What are you going to do?' When i said that, he pulled out a kitchen knife and said: 'I tell you what I'm going to do - end my life!' I called the police.

"He came up to me and asked me if that was the police on the phone, and he said: 'I told you what would happen if you said you didn't love me anymore,' and he stabbed himself in the chest and fell towards me."

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