New £2 million visitor centre opens at Holkham National Nature Reserve

Huge skies and beaches too big ever to be crowded it's no wonder Holkham is considered one of the most beautiful places in Britain.

And now at last it has a visitor centre. It's cost £2 million and years to finally get through planning but Lord Leicester from Holkham Hall said he could not be prouder.

Holkham is considered one of the most important National nature reserves in the country and is one of only two that are privately owned. It comprises 18km of coastline with rare and precious habitats.

Andrew Sells the head of Natural England opened The Lookout.

The Lookout was officially opened by Andrew Sells the head of Natural England. A huge fan of the area knowing it since a boy, he said: "It is wonderful to have a visitor centre and as one of the wordsmiths in my office said, 'every view needs a loo and a brew'."

Every year the Queen's cavalry spend their summer training at Holkham.

Holkham often features in pop videos and films such as All Saints, Pure Shores and the closing scenes of Shakespeare in Love.

It is also where the Queen's household cavalry come during their summer camp.

So it is no wonder Holkham now has a visitor centre to call its own.