A man has been jailed for robbing an elderly woman in Southend who helped him when he claimed to be ill.

Daniel Sach, 31, knocked on the woman's door in October last year saying he felt unwell.

The woman, in her 70s, took pity on him and let Sach stay on her sofa. But the next day discovered her purse and phone were missing.

In January he targeted the woman again breaking into her house and punching her repeatedly in the face.

He made off with cash and her bank cards withdrawing a four-figure sum from her account.

The Bishop Auckland man was jailed for seven and a half years for robbery, theft and fraud.

"Sach attacked a vulnerable woman who came to his help after believing he needed a place to stay and rest. "He was callous and manipulative, subjecting an elderly woman to a vicious attack that left her with severe bruising to her face and body."

DC Victoria Leese, Essex Police