1. ITV Report

East Anglia One windfarm on schedule despite choppy conditions 27 miles off the coast of Lowestoft

Construction work on one of the world's biggest wind farms is on schedule despite rough seas off the Suffolk coast

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East Anglia One will be made up of 102 wind turbines and will provide energy for 600,000 homes from 2020. The project has provided 100 permanent jobs in Lowestoft and many more thousand in the region. Including those operating boats to and from the building site - whatever the weather

3 legged jacket foundations are lowered 43m into the seabed Credit: ITV Anglia.

"When we get that far out to sea there's a lot of metrics that go into it. But a lot of weather constraints in the field and what you've seen today with some of the tides, we have to deal with that day in and day out through the construction period."

– Matthew Wooltorton, Matt Wooltorton Project Manager, East Anglia One

The windfarm is due to start producing energy in 2020