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Initiative launched in Luton to tackle sexual exploitation

A new initiative to tackle sex trafficking is being launched today Credit: Azalea

A new initiative to tackle sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Luton is being launched.

"Luton Against Sexual Exploitation" will bring together various agencies and the community to target the demand from sex buyers that drives prostitution and trafficking.

The initiative will also aim to ensure that women in the sex trade are offered support rather than being criminalised.

The launch will include talks by a number of organisations as well as Luton South MP Gavin Shuker.

"Luton Against Sexual Exploitation is a groundbreaking new partnership committed to ending commercial sexual exploitation in our community. Our message to any man considering buying sex in Luton is clear: paying for sex is abuse. If you pay for sex you will be committing sexual abuse and funding a dangerous and exploitative industry. You will also be committing a crime if the person you pay for sex has been forced or coerced - and not being aware of this coercion beforehand is no excuse under the law."

– Gavin Shuker MP, Chair of Luton Against Sexual Exploitation