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Essex care home residents book 'butlers in the buff' to serve dinner

Care home residents enjoy their dinner served by Credit: Milton Lodge

Cheeky residents of an Essex care home spiced up their lunch by hiring a group of "butlers in the buff" to serve them.

The meals at Milton Lodge in Colchester were served with a smile - and not a lot else - after they booked some "Hunks in Trunks".

Residents were served a roast dinner by the Credit: Milton Lodge

Staff at the care home regularly raise money to grant the wishes of residents.

But they were slightly surprised when the pensioners decided that what they really wanted was a visit from the scandily-clad butlers.

Staff said the elderly residents were delighted by the visit. Credit: Milton Lodge

Staff said the residents all had "so much fun" and thanked the half-naked waiting staff for adding an extra dimension to their roast dinner.