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Hertfordshire sculptor's 'Warhorse' tribute to the millions killed in battle

The horseshoe hearts have been on show at Royal Ascot. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A sculptor from Hertfordshire's created a temporary memorial to the eight million warhorses killed during the First World War.

Tom Hill's work has been on display at Royal Ascot and was commissioned by the World Horse Welfare charity.

Tom who is from Tewin made one hundred horseshoe hearts on sticks at all different heights for the display.

They were donated by the King's Troop Royal Artillery.

It's to remind people, how crucial the animals were when it came to carrying soldiers, weapons and supplies during the war.

"It was mainly to create awareness of the horses which sacrificed their lives for the war. It's important to commemorate that. It took me two weeks working full time to do."

– Tom Hill, Sculptor

"Over eight million horses went and served in World War One. They came from all over Britain, they were taken from families and they went and served with the soldiers. They were trusted by them, they had a momentous effort in the war and they gave their lives up ultimately to help us with the war efforts."

– Rebecca Statham, World HorseWelfare
Royal Ascott Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tom's spent his whole career working with horseshoes and his next project, a horse made from horseshoes, is for the Injured Jockey Fund in Newmarket.

Tom's new project is made from dozens of horseshoes Credit: ITV News Anglia