1. ITV Report

Anglia Weather: A cloudy Wednesday for most with patchy light rain

Today: Early morning low cloud, intermittent light rain and mist will persist in many parts through the day, although perhaps locally bright in the south at first, and in the north later. Winds will be light and variable. Maximum temperature 17 deg C (63 deg F).

Tonight: Becoming dry during the evening with cloud tending to thin and break. Some mist and fog patches may form inland with light winds. Brisk northerly winds will develop on coasts. Minimum temperature 6 deg C (43 deg F).

Thursday: Dry and sometimes sunny with variable cloud. Feeling cooler with temperatures slightly lower than Wednesday. Brisk northeast winds on east coasts. Dry, clear and chilly overnight. Maximum temperature 14 deg C (57 deg F).

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Dry, often sunny on Friday and Saturday, and early Sunday, with near normal temperatures, but chilly nights. Rain and brisk winds will spread southwards later on Sunday, then colder overnight.