The owners of the PACT Animal Sanctuary are rewarded for their work

Chris and George Rockingham with their IFAW award and Bill Oddie. Credit: IFAW

A couple from Norfolk who have been running an animal sanctuary for 24 years have been given a prestigious wildlife award by Bill Oddie

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Chris and George Rockingham set up the PACT Animal Sanctuary at Wood Rising 24 years ago. Today they look after more than 1400 creatures including pigs, pigeons, ferrets and foxes.

Rory was found as a piglet and is doing very well. Credit: ITV Anglia.

They rely on donations and their 11 charity shops to feed hundreds of mouths and pay vet bills

The centre can look after up to 300 hedgehogs at a time. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Chris and George are constantly expanding the sanctuary and hope to build new facilities for injured deer and birds