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Cambridgeshire couple speak out on stillbirth heartbreak

Vicki and Bruce have been speaking about the pain of losing their daughter. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A couple from Cambridgeshire have spoken about the heartbreaking impact of losing their daughter as they try to raise awareness of stillbirth.

Vicki Beckett and Bruce Wagstaff from Great Abington were filmed at the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge for a Channel 4 documentary on stillbirth.

Six months into her pregnancy, Vicki felt their daughter, Ruby, was not moving as much as she had been. Doctors told her that the baby's heart had stopped beating.

"It really does feel like the most unnatural thing to happen is to have to grieve for a child because you just never expect to have to do it.

"I'm sure that actually feels the same for every parent who loses a child. It's just not meant to happen."

– Vicki Beckett
Vicki and Bruce have a box of memories of Ruby. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The UK has one of the highest rates of stillbirth in the developed world. Around one in every 200 babies is stillborn.

Filmed over two years at the Rosie Hospital, Child of Mine broadcasts on Channel 4 tonight (October 18).

"We made this film because it was clear that there is a still a significant taboo around stillbirth. As a result parents suffer alone. Family, friends and sometimes healthcare professionals, don't know what to say, and so say nothing."

– Brian Woods, Executive Producer

For information and advice on baby loss, use the helplines and websites below.