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Protestors head to the Capital for People's Vote march

Protestors in Norwich waiting for coaches to take them to the rally in London. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hundreds of protestors from Norfolk are heading to the capital to take part in a rally calling for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The event, organised by the People's Vote campaign, will see a march ahead of a rally in Parliament Square.

Norwich City's majority shareholder Delia Smith has already announced she was missing the Canaries match against Nottingham Forest to attend the People's Vote March for the Future.

Eight coaches left from Norwich this morning. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Organisers say it will be the "biggest, loudest and most important" demonstration of its kind, with around 100,000 people due to attend.

However the Prime Minister Theresa May has already ruled out such a referendum.

If it turned out the other way that it was a a narrow remain vote, remain victory what are you going to do then then, are you going to have a sort of penalty shoot out to decide on it? I think we do have to honour the results of that referendum and see this through, I think if we don't its very bad for democracy.

– Peter Aldous MP, Waveney, Con