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Norfolk MP: "broken" housing system needs reform

Richard Bacon MP Credit: ITV Anglia

A Norfolk MP has said "shoebox" homes being built by large-scale developers need to be stopped.

Richard Bacon warned little consideration has been given to the long-term consequences of people renting until they die.

The MP for South Norfolk has outlined a series of changes in his Housing Reform Bill which he says would improve the current "broken" system.

They include improving minimum space standards, increasing the minimal thermal performance of new homes and the Secretary of State to provide large-scale serviced plots of land.

"We have two nations developing, one nation of those people who areinvited to landlord evenings by estate agents and who in some cases already ownseveral buy-to-let properties, and another entirely separate nation of those whocannot afford somewhere at all to live either to rent or to buy."

– Richard Bacon