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Warning from wardens as seal pups start to arrive on Norfolk coast

A seal on the beach at Horsey earlier this year. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Wardens are warning visitors to the Norfolk coast to steer clear of the new-born seal pups starting to appear on the beaches.

A voluntary beach closure has been put in place at Horsey.

Wardens say it's important not to disturb the pups and their mothers and to keep dogs on leads.

"It is important to protect the seals and pups from disturbance and to give the pup the very best start in its first three weeks, which is the most important. Too much disturbance leads to abandonment.

"If you see a seal and pup away from Horsey, please keep a safe distance, keep dogs on a lead and remember they are wild animals that will bite and protect their pups."

– Friends of Horsey Seals
A voluntary closure of Horsey beach is now in place. Credit: ITV News Anglia

This year wardens will also be patrolling the beaches at Winterton.

Volunteers say the breeding season has started slowly with "only a few pups so far and a couple being stillborn".

They have pleaded for visitors to Horsey and Winterton to keep to the viewing areas and respect the advice from wardens.

"The seals and pups could be on the beach or in the dunes and the mothers will be very protective of their pups", they said.