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How a couple of beavers could help stop a village in Essex flooding

Two beavers are being introduced to Finchingfield to help with the risk of flooding Credit: Russell Savory

A village in Essex has introduced two beavers as an alternate flood management scheme.

Finchingfield are hoping that the beavers will do what they do best - felling trees and building dams, it means that the flow of water is slowed.

In 2001 the village was flooded damaging 37 homes and businesses causing £2 million of damage.

The village was badly flooded in 2001 Credit: ITV Anglia

The beavers won't stop the flooding - but it's hoped they will reduce the severity and frequency of it as well as improving the environment for other wildlife.

Finchingfield Brook Credit: ITV Anglia

Finchingfield Brook is the focal point of the village and the threat of flooding is a constant worry for residents.

The beavers won't arrive for another few months, but if the scheme is a success then it could be rolled out across the country.