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Child rescued by passers-by after being lowered from burning flat in Clacton, Essex

Essex fire service have praised the passers-by for coming to the rescue Credit: PA Images

A child was caught by two passers-by after it was lowered from a burning building in Clacton, Essex.

The fire service has described the pair as "brave and selfless" after they came to the rescue when they saw the fire on St John's Road.

They attempted to tackle it with a fire extinguisher. But, when it became clear two people trapped inside couldn't escape, they caught the child as it was lowered from a first-floor window.

When firefighters arrived they were able to use a ladder to rescue the other person before tackling the fire.

Essex Fire Service say the fire, in a flat above a shop, was accidental.

"The actions of these members of the public were truely selfless.

"These two people were incredibly brave and selflessly did everything we could to help the occupants of the flat."

– Watch Manager Ruben Frost, Clacton Fire Station