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Jailed: Luton cocaine dealer traced through mobile phone

Anthony Richardson was jailed for six years. Credit: Bedfordshire Police

A drug dealer from Luton has been jailed for six years.

Anthony Richardson, 31, from Limbury Road, was found guilty of being involved in the supply of Class A drugs.

He was traced through a mobile phone discovered on a police drugs raid in Houghton Regis last year.

His Honour Judge Foster said Richardson was “clearly in a significant role and directing someone else in dealing and cutting the drugs and converting cocaine to crack when necessary and dealing in not insignificant weights.”

Police found cash, Class A drug paraphernalia - and links to £3,000 worth of car hire - at Richardson's home in May last year.

“This case involves the investigation into the trafficking of controlled drugs by older males who are supplying gang activity and fuelling serious youth violence.

"I’m pleased Richardson has been given a custodial sentence and will now spend time behind bars where he can reflect on his actions.

“I also hope this is a good deterrent to those who may think crime pays. Drugs can have a real detrimental effect in our communities, and we will take action against those who supply them to others.”

– Det Con Matthew Stonnell