Peace in our time: the woman born on Armistice Day who'll be 100 on Sunday

Connie's birthday is being marked with a party at her home in Whittlesey Credit: ITV Anglia
Connie's birthday is being marked with a party at her home in Whittlesey Credit: ITV Anglia
Connie's birth certificate Credit: ITV Anglia

A woman born on the day the guns fell silent will celebrate her 100th birthday on Armistice Day.

Connie Hailstone was born on the 11th November 1918 and given the name Constance Peace to reflect her parents' hopes for the future.

Connie, who lives at the Hermitage Care Home in Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire said: “I hope I make 100 years old on Armistice day 2018.”

Connie loves to keep busy helping to make poppies Credit: ITV Anglia

I think this is rather special. It is wonderful that Connie will be 100 on 11/11/2018 it will be such a special day for Constance Peace, her achievement is a remarkable story.

Judy Wilson, manager of The Hermitage care home
Her cake is decorated with poppies Credit: ITV Anglia

Connie was born on 11/11/1918 to Jessie and John Bothamley in Peterborough.

So Jessie and John decided to call their third child of five, a little girl, Constance Peace, in the hope that this little girl would enjoy her life in constant peace, given the last few war years before she was born.

Connie's mum brought her and the four other children up when her dad died Credit: ITV Anglia

Connie’s father was a cattle dealer in Peterborough and surrounding area’s, whilst Connie’s mother stayed home to look after the family. Connie says she had a very happy life growing up at home with her family. She can remember her grandparents Sam and Florence Hillum. Connie’s father passed away when Connie was seven years when her mother was expecting their last baby. Connie remembers this very well and said her mother then raised the five children on her own. Her mother continued to live in Whittlesey until at the age of 85 she sadly passed away.

Connie went on to marry her husband Thomas in the 1940s, they had a little girl Barbara. Connie and her husband continued Thomas’s family business of celery growing in Whittlesey until Thomas retired and at this time they started to grow many vegetables and supplied locals in the area. Connie has a grandson Mark and two great grandchildren Liam and Mark.

Sadly both Connie’s husband Tom and daughter Barbara passed away within two years of each other almost eight years ago. Connie is now the remaining child of the five that were born.

It was after the loss of Tom her husband and Barbara her daughter that Connie decided to make The Hermitage her home seven years ago.

She enjoys living at The Hermitage and has very fond memories of Whittlesey that she can pass on to staff, visitors and other residents at The Hermitage.

Connie thinks her long life is due to working outdoors and a very happy marriage.