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Doctor kidnapped in Nigeria says he's forgiven his captors

David Donovan says he has 'no anger or resentment, just sadness' Credit: ITV News Anglia

A doctor who was kidnapped while working for a Cambridge charity says he has forgiven his captors in Nigeria and is determined to return there.

David Donovan was working as a missionary for the charity 'New Foundations, providing healthcare in remote regions of Nigeria.

He was taken captive twelve months ago, during his ordeal, his friend, Ian Squire, was killed.

Ian Squire was killed during the kidnap Credit: Family photo

David Donovan was kidnapped along with his wife Shirley and friend Ian Squire a year ago. They were taken to a pontoon and given very little food. Twelve hours into the ordeal Ian Squire was shot dead by the captors.

New Foundations Clinic in Nigeria. Credit: David Donovan

"They cut the generator and they pounded on the door, broke in and smashed into each of our bedrooms and hauled us out violently and brutally and then they transported us across a field at night into a speedboat.

– David Donovan

David and his wife were released after 22 days in captivity, they say sharing their story is important and returning to Nigeria for them, is vital.

"It was hellish. Threats of rape, getting our legs blown off, shot, attacked, assaulted, cut, intimidated. It was awful, awful. But that is superseded by a greater understanding of the blessings behind it. The lessons you learn through it. And it sounds glib and to many people who watch this, but the Christian message is of love and forgiveness. That is the very core of Christianity - love and forgiveness - so it would be hypocritical to say I would do anything else. And that's not a forced thing, it's genuine. I have compassion for those men. Genuinely."

– David Donovan