During Transgender Awareness Week (12-19th November), individuals and organisations across the UK aim to raise the visibility of transgender and non-gender conforming individuals. Campaigners also use the week to address the issues the community faces.

For instance, new research from LGBT equality charity Stonewall found:

  • One in eight trans employees have been physically attacked by a colleague or customer in the last year

  • Half of trans people have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination

  • A quarter of trans people have experienced homelessness

Norwich campaigner Katy Jon Went Credit: ITV Anglia

Norwich campaigner Katy Jon Went spoke to ITV News Anglia about these figures.

'It's sad to say that you become inured to them and you actually start thinking that's your reality.

Katy Jon Went, Campaigner
Susie Green, founder of charity Mermaids Credit: ITV Anglia

Initiatives such as Transgender Awareness Week are battling to alter this reality. Help and advice for those affected by trans issues are offered by organisations such as:

  • Stonewall - LGBT equality charity

  • Mermaids - Family and individual support for gender diverse and transgender children and teenagers

  • Sparkle - National transgender charity

Katy Jon Went believes that thanks to organisations like the above, transgender equality is slowly improving.

'In the region we have organisations that will support parents coming to terms with a transitioning child.

Katy Jon Went, Campaigner

Watch Becky Jago and Jonathan Wills' full interview with Katy Jon Went below.