Christmas Shout-Out: Get your message to someone special on the television

Send your message to some special with the ITV Anglia Christmas Shout-Out.

Watch the Christmas Shout-Outs for December 2018

The ITV News Anglia Christmas Shout-Out is your chance to say thank you to someone who has done something fantastic for you or the community over the past 12 months.

Starting on December 1st we will show your Christmas Shout-Outs each night on our programme throughout December.

ITV News Anglia is broadcast every weekday at 6pm

What you need to tell us about the person who deserves a Christmas South-Out.

How to apply

We will need your name, the name and some photos of the person you want us to mention, where you are both from, plus a few lines on why they deserve a shout out.

Why not do the Shout-Out yourself or as a group. Just send us a video along with the details mentioned.

If you are filming on a phone or tablet, remember to film it sideways or landscape so the picture fit properly on a television screen.

How to get in touch with ITV News Anglia.

Send your Shout-Outs to