Smart loo being created in Cambridge to transform health testing

The team at the NanoPhotonics Centre at Cambridge are developing the smart loo

Scientists at Cambridge University are developing a smart loo that can test people's health by checking their urine.

It would check levels of drugs, helping patients to adjust their medications and could save the NHS millions in urine tests.

The loo would use tiny gold nanoparticles to trap molecules that would be analysed using a laser.

It's equipped with sensors which can detect things like sugar and alcohol in urine to help diagnose conditions. The NanoPhotonics team say their intelligent toilet could be used in homes within a decade.

The loo is being developing by the NanoPhotonics Centre and the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis and has been showcased by the EPSRC NanoDTC centre at Cambridge.

The team are looking into ways of testing people's health daily by checking their urine Credit: ITV Anglia